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Fossil-Fuel CO2 Emissions from Western Europe

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What countries constitute Western Europe?

Western Europe map


The region of Western Europe consists of 27 political entities with four (United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Spain) among the top 20 national fossil-fuel CO2 emitters. These four nations contribute 64% of the region's total fossil-fuel CO2 emissions. The 2008 emission estimate of 712 million tons of carbon is 5.5% higher than the 1990 release estimate for Western Europe and only 2.8% higher than the 2000 level. Gas fuel usage has become increasingly important in the region since about 1970 and now contributes 28.1% of total CO2 emissions. All countries in the region with discrete energy statistics reported, except Montenegro, have per capita emission rates exceeding the global average (1.30 metric tons of carbon per person).

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