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Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Record from Flask Measurements at Lampedusa Island

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Paolo Chamard, Luigi Ciattaglia, Alcide di Sarra, Francesco Monteleone
Via Anguillarese 301,
00060 S. Maria di Galeria
Rome, Italy

Period of Record

May 1992- December 2000


Lampedusa Station rests on a rocky seashore on the eastern tip of Lampedusa Island, located south of Sicily in the central Mediterranean Sea. Air samples at Lampedusa Station are collected each Friday in two pairs of 2-L glass flasks. Flasks are evacuated and then pressurized to 280-300 kPa with ambient air at the sampling site. Determinations of CO2 are made by using a Siemens Ultramat 5E nondispersive infrared gas analyzer. Water vapor is removed during the sampling process by means of a chemical trap (Magnesium Perchlorate). During the measurement, residual water vapor is removed by means of a cold trap at -70°C. From the inception of the monitoring program at Lampedusa Station, CO2-in-synthetic air calibration gases have been used. Values are relative to the dry air WMO mole fraction scale.

Map showing location of Lampedusa Island, Italy

Lampedusa Island
Mediterranean Sea rocky island
35°31' N, 12°37' E
45 m above MSL


On the basis of annual averages calculated from monthly averages, CO2 levels at Lampedusa Island have risen from 360.80 in 1993 to 371.27 in 2000. The data show an average trend of +1.5 ppmv/y. The record from Lampedusa Station exhibits a seasonal pattern with maximum values measured during late winter or spring and minimum values recorded during the northern summer. The average annual cycle has an amplitude of about 10 ppmv. In the period of investigation the annual growth rate varies between 0.5 and 4.0 ppmv/y, and the amplitude of the annual cycle between 7 and 11 ppmv.


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