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NARSTO Data Usage Acknowledgement Policy


The NARSTO data usage policy encourages open data sharing, cooperation, and synergism. The policy is implemented to ensure that potential data users have ready access to data in a timely manner; intellectual property rights are respected; and co-authorship, acknowledgement, or credit is given to data originators, principal investigators (PIs), funding agencies, and data archive centers.


Projects and data generators should make their quality assured data available to the NARSTO archive and to the public within one year after data collection / generation unless an alternative schedule is specified in approved project plans.


We recommend informing PIs and data originators that you are using their data.

  • Offer participation as co-authors of publications
  • Data files and data set documentation should contain contact information

There are no exclusive rights to data archived at the NARSTO Permanent Data Archive.

Acknowledgement and Data Citation

When publishing, acknowledge NARSTO and supporting/funding organizations:

  • Include NARSTO as a keyword to facilitate subsequent searches of bibliographic databases
  • Include a bibliographic citation for data obtained from the NARSTO Permanent Data Archive, as indicated in data set documentation
  • Include the following acknowledgement: "These data were obtained from the NARSTO data archive maintained at the NASA Langley Research Center Atmospheric Sciences Data Center."

We recommend sending courtesy copies of publications to the NARSTO QSSC, the NASA Langley Research Center Atmospheric Sciences Data Center, PIs, data originators, and funding organizations.