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Educational Global Climate Change Links

Evidence of the importance of global climate change to the future generation is reflected in the increasing number of queries CDIAC receives from students and educators, from a range of educational levels. We have compiled a listing of some sites that we hope will be of interest and of use to those looking for information, fun, ideas, and ways that they can make a difference. These links were chosen because we have found them useful in responding to those with inquiring minds. These links will take the user outside of CDIAC, and are by no means comprehensive. We are not responsible for the content or intent of these outside links.

Tools you can use!

  • NOAA's Global Climate Dashboard - The Global Climate Dashboard is located on the homepage of NOAA�s Climate Services Climate Portal at The Dashboard utilizes Multigraph software, developed by Phillips, which provides interactive "pan" and "zoom" capabilities, giving the viewer the ability to change the horizontal and/or vertical scales in the graph on the fly.
  • CO2 System Calculations for Windows, Mac OSX, and the iPhone
  • Measure your Eco-footprint at Conservation International
  • Calculate your personal impact to see how much CO2 you produce each year at the "Inconvenient Truth" Carbon Calculator
  • WRI's SafeClimate Calculator allows individuals and organizations to determine carbon dioxide emissions from major sources: home/office energy consumption, transportation by car and plane, and in the case of organizations, paper use.
  • How many trees do you need to plant to offset your carbon emissions? American Forest's Personal Climate Change Calculator can help you calculate the effect your lifestyle has on the Earth's climate!
  • Examine environmental information gathered over the last two decades at GRID-Arendal through interactive display of maps and graphics of global and regional environmental data. Make your own custom map or learn more about specific features in the map.
  • The Java Climate Model lets you explore IPCC scenarios of future greenhouse gas emissions and predictions of consequent climate change by observing instant effects on plots ranging from emissions to impacts.

Climate Change Search Engine and Weather Applications

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