New Numeric Data Packages Available

CDIAC's data holdings provide coverage in a number of areas relevant to the greenhouse effect and global climate change. Such areas include records of the concentration of carbon dioxide and other radioactively active gases in the atmosphere; the role of the terrestrial biosphere and the oceans in the biogeochemical cycles of greenhouse gases; emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere; long-term climate trends; the effects of elevated carbon dioxide on vegetation; and the vulnerability of coastal areas to rising sea level. Data that are thoroughly checked and documented are released by CDIAC as numeric data packages (NDPs). Recently released NDPs are described in this section. The data and documentation are available from CDIAC's Web site (, from CDIAC's anonymous FTP area (, and in a variety of media upon request. Technical questions (e.g., methodology or accuracy) should be directed to the CDIAC staff member who is responsible for preparing the individual NDP.

Please note: Once you have found the NDP(s) of interest; select the title to view the abstract, the number to access the data directly, or the URL to view the entire document.

Six- and Three-Hourly Meteorological Observations from 223 U.S.S.R. Stations
NDP-048 (1998) (

Carbon-14 Measurements in Surface Water CO2 from the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, 1965-1994
NDP-057A (1998) (

Carbon Dioxide Emission Estimates from Fossil-Fuel Burning, Hydraulic Cement Production, and Gas Flaring for 1995 on a One-Degree Grid Cell Basis
NDP-058A (1998) (

Effects of CO2 and Nitrogen Fertilization on Growth and Nutrient Content of Juvenile Ponderosa Pine
NDP-061A (1998) (

Carbon Dioxide, Hydrographic, and Chemical Data Obtained in the South Pacific Ocean (WOCE Sections P16A/P17A, P17E/P19S, and P19C, R/V Knorr, October 1992-April 1993)
NDP-065 (1998) (

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