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Carbon-13 Isotopic Abundance and Concentration of Atmospheric Methane for Background Air in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres from 1978 to 1989

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/atg.ndp049

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C. M. Stevens


This data package presents atmospheric CH4 concentration and 13C isotopic abundance data derived from air samples collected over the period 1978-1989 at globally distributed clean-air sites. The data set comprises 201 records, 166 from the Northern Hemisphere and 35 from the Southern Hemisphere. The air samples were collected mostly in rural or marine locations remote from large sources of CH4 and are considered representative of tropospheric background conditions. The air samples were processed by isolation of CH4 from air and conversion to CO2 for isotopic analysis by isotope ratio mass spectrometry.

These data represent one of the earliest records of 13C isotopic yy!measurements for atmospheric methane and have been used to refine estimates of CH4 emissions, calculate annual growth rates of emissions from changing sources, and provide evidence for changes in the rate of atmospheric removal of CH4. The data records consist of sample collection date; number of samples combined for analysis; sampling location; analysis date; CH4 concentration; 13C isotopic abundance; and flag codes to indicate outliers, repeated analyses, and other information.

The data are contained in one 21.5 kB file.