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A Global Geographic Information System Data Base of Storm Occurrences and Other Climatic Phenomena Affecting Coastal Zones (1991) (NDP-035)

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/cli.ndp035

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K. R. Birdwell and R. C. Daniels

This NDP is unique in that it represents CDIAC's first offering of ARC/INFOTM export data files and equivalent flat ASCII data files that may be used by raster or vector geographic information systems (GISs). The data set contains 61 variables, including information on tropical storms, hurricanes, super typhoons, extratropical cyclogeneses, polar lows, cyclonicity, influence of winds in monsoon regions, and sea-ice concentrations. Increased availability of source data has made it possible to extend the area of these data variables to regional or global coverages. All data variables except five are referenced to 1° × 1° or 5° × 5° grid cells of latitude and longitude. These data help meet the demand for new and improved climatologies of storm events and may be used in climate research studies, including the verification of general circulation models and the calculation of storm-recurrence intervals.