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Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations--The Canadian Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network (1993)


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N. B. A. Trivett, V. C. Hudec, and C. S. Wong

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/atg.ndp034


Flask air samples collected at roughly weekly intervals at three Canadian sites [Alert, Northwest Territories (July 1975 through July 1992); Sable Island, Nova Scotia (March 1975 through July 1992); and Cape St. James, British Columbia (May 1979 through July 1992)] were analyzed for CO2 concentration with the measurements directly traceable to the WMO primary CO2 standards. Each record includes the date, atmospheric CO2 concentration, and flask classification code.

They provide an accurate record of CO2 concentration levels in Canada during the past two decades. Because these data are directly traceable to WMO standards, this record may be compared with records from other Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network (BAPMoN) stations. The data are in three files (one for each of the monitoring stations) ranging in size from 9.4 to 20.1 kB.