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Annual and Seasonal Global Variation in Total Ozone and Layer-Mean Ozone, 1958-1987 (1991)

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/atg.ndp023

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J. K. Angell, J. Korshover, and W. G. Planet


For 1958 through 1987, this data base presents total ozone variations and layer mean ozone variations expressed as percent deviations from the 1958 to 1977 mean. The total ozone variations were derived from mean monthly ozone values published in Ozone Data for the World by the Atmospheric Environment Service in cooperation with the World Meteorological Organization. The layer mean ozone variations are derived from ozonesonde and Umkehr observations. The data records include year, seasonal and annual total ozone variations, and seasonal and annual layer mean ozone variations. The total ozone data are for four regions (Soviet Union, Europe, North America, and Asia); five climatic zones (north and south polar, north and south temperate, and tropical); both hemispheres; and the world. Layer mean ozone data are for four climatic zones (north and south temperate and north and south polar) and for the stratosphere, troposphere, and tropopause layers. The data are in two files [seasonal and year-average total ozone (13.4 kB) and layer mean ozone variations (24.2 kB)].