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Worldwide Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Data (1986) (NDP-018)

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/lue.ndp018

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P. J. Zinke, A. G. Stangenberger, W. M. Post, W. R. Emanuel, and J. S. Olson


This data base was begun with the collection and analysis of soil samples from California. Additional data came from soil surveys of Italy, Greece, Iran, Thailand, Vietnam, various tropical Amazonian areas, and U.S. forests and from the soil-survey literature. The analyzed samples were collected at uniform soil-depth increments and included bulk-density determinations. The data on each sample are soil profile number; soil profile carbon content; soil profile nitrogen content; sampling site latitude and longitude; site elevation; profile literature reference source; and soil profile codes for Holdridge life zone, Olson ecosystem type, and parent material. These data may be used to estimate the size of the soil organic carbon and nitrogen pools at equilibrium with natural soil-forming factors.