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Volcanic Loading: The Dust Veil Index (1985) (NDP-013)

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/atg.ndp013

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H. H. Lamb*

Lamb's Dust Veil Index (DVI) is a numerical index that quantifies the impact of a particular volcanic eruption's release of dust and aerosols over the years following the event, especially the impact on the Earth's energy balance. DVIs have been calculated for eruptions occurring from 1500 through 1983. The methods used to calculate the DVI have been intercalibrated to give a DVI of 1000 for the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. The DVI for any volcanic eruption is based on a review of the observational, empirical, and theoretical studies of the possible impact on climate of volcanic dust veils. The DVI allows one to compare volcanic eruptions by a single numerical index. The data base includes the name of the erupting volcano, year of eruption, volcano latitude and longitude, maximum extent of the dust veil, veil duration, DVI for the entire globe, DVI for the Northern Hemisphere, and DVI for the Southern Hemisphere. The data are in one file (22.6 kB).