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Global Paleoclimatic Data for 6000 Yr B.P. (1985) (NDP-011)

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/cli.ndp011

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T. Webb, III

To determine regional and global climatic variations during the past 6000 years, pollen, lake level, and marine plankton data from 797 stations were compiled to form a global data set. Radiocarbon dating and dated tephras were used to determine the ages of the specimens. The data available for the pollen data are site number, site name, latitude, longitude, elevation, and percentages of various taxa. For lake-level data, the data are site number, site name, latitude, longitude, and lake-level status. And for marine plankton, the data are site number, site name, latitude, longitude, water depth, date, dating control code, depth of sample, interpolated age of sample, estimated winter and summer sea-surface temperatures, and percentages of various taxa. The data are in 55 files: 5 files for each of 9 geographic regions and 10 supplemental files. The files for each region include (1) a FORMAT file describing the format and contents of the data for that region, (2) an INDEX file containing descriptive information about each site and its data, (3) a DATA file containing the data and available climatic estimates, (4) a PUBINDEX file indexing the bibliographic references associated with each site, and (5) a REFERENCE file containing the bibliographic references. The files range in size from 2 to 66 kB.