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Alaskan Historical Climatology Network (HCN) Serial Temperature and Precipitation Data

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/cli.db1004

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T. R. Karl, R. G. Baldwin, M. G. Burgin, D. R. Easterling, R. W. Knight, and P. Y. Hughes

This database is a companion to the Historical Climatology Network (HCN) database for the contiguous United States. The database contains monthly temperature (minimum, maximum, and mean) and total monthly precipitation data for 47 Alaskan stations. These data were derived from a variety of sources including the National Climatic Data Center archives, the state climatologist for Alaska, and published literature. The period of record varies by station. The longest record is for the Sitka Magnetic Observatory (1828) and most records extend through 1990. Unlike the HCN database for the contiguous U.S., adjustments have not been made to these climate records for time-of-observation differences, instrument changes, or station moves. The data are in three files [one data file that contains all four climate variables, one station inventory file, and one station history file]. The file sizes range from 3.5 kB to 1.7 MB.