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Lauvset, S., M. Glessmer, D. Clement, J. Tjiputra, A. Olsen, M. Eide, B. Pfeil, and 
L. Fonnes. 2015. G.O. Sars Repeat Section 75N_58GS20130717 cruise data (Jul 17-30, 2013). Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 
doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/75N_58GS20130717

# Data source: S.Lauvset 3/18/14
# SHIP: G. O. Sars 
# Region: Greenland Sea and Norwegian Sea
# EXPOCODE: 58GS20130717 
# DATES: July 17-July 30 2013 
# Chief Scientist: Siv K. Lauvset 
# 83 stations with 12 place Rosette. 46 with chemistry sampling
# Note that the ship gives a new cruise number to every CTD cast even when they are at the same position 
# This cruise was financed by the E.U. funded CarboChange program 
# Hydro: Who - 
# 	Notes: CTD_Salt problematic
# 	Notes: Very few bottle samples for salinity.  The ctdsalinity looks to be a bit high, but this is a very 
#	dynamic region with a known trend towards increasing salinities. Even after comparing with all other data 
#	that are available from this region we cannot determine whether the ctdsalinities are actually too high, 
#	nor by how much.  See the cruise report or contact Siv K. Lauvset for further details.  
# Oxygen: Who: Mirjam Glessmer
# 	Notes: Instrument failure.  The CTD values for oxygen seems to be 10% low when compared to historical data  
# 		(even accounting for the observed oxygen trend in the region).  This bias is depth independent 
# Nutrients: Who Linda Fonnes (IMR)
# 	Notes: Sampled onboard, poisoned with chloroform, refrigerated, analysed on land.  
# 	PO4 seems to be high by 10% compared to historical cruises.  
# TCO2: Who Siv K. Lauvset 
# 	Notes: We used the ctdsal when analysing TCO2 onboard and have not corrected the measurements for the -0.002 correction  
# 		applied to the ctdsal after the cruise 
# TA: Who: Siv K. Lauvset
# 	Notes: See TCO2
# CFC: Who: Emil Jeansson 
# 	Notes: Instrument failure 
# C14: Who R.Key&A.McNichol
# 	Notes: Sampled onbard,  poisoned with HgCl2 
# C13: Who Dominic Clement; Marie Eide; Benjamin Pfeil; Jerry Tjiputra (water sampling); Are Olsen
# 	Notes: Sampled onboard, poisoned with HgCl2, analysed on land 
# Other:  
# References: