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Please cite this data set as:

Perez, F., T.Muller. 2007. Meteor 06MT19970107 cruise data from the 1997 cruises, 
CARINA Data Set. Carbon 
Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department 
of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CARINA_06MT19970107

# 2/14/06 file initialized 
# Ship: Meteor  
# Cruise: MET37/2 06MT37.2 (06MT199701);Canary Islands Azores Gibralter Observations (CANIGO) 
# Dates: 1/7 - 1/20/1997 
# EXPOCODE: 06MT19970107 
# Region: Canary Is. to Madeira Is. and east to Africa 
# Chief Scientist: T. Muller 
# 45 stations;  with 24 place Rosette 2 casts/station 
# Hydro: Who - Muller; Status - final  
# 	Notes: CTD data processing following Milller et al 1995. 
# 	Salt via Autosal with accuracy better than 0.002 
# Nuts/O2: Who - O. Llinas; Status - final  
# 	Notes: oxygen with automated Winkler titration (Llinas et al 1997) 
# 	Standard error of 5 replicates <2umol/kg 
# 	Nutrients via Technicon AAII. Silicates via modified Hansen and Grasshoff (1983) method 
# 	Standard deviation of duplicates: Si 0.07umol/kg; NO3 0.06umol/kg; PO4 0.01umol/kg 
# TCO2: Who - L. Mintrop; Status - final  
# 	Notes: SOMMA. CRM implied accuracy of 1.5umol/kg with duplicate precision of 0.5umol/kg 
# 	See Perez et al. 2001. 
# TA: Who - F. Perez; Status - final 
# 	Notes: Closed cell titration at constant T of 25+/-0.1C 
# 	Adjusted via CRM. 
# 	See Perez et al. 2001. 
# pH: Who - M. Davila (also pH15NBS of Vigo); Status - final   
# 	Notes: Ross Orion electrode (both groups) calibrated with NBS buffer. SWS 
# 	Method of Perez and Fraga, 1987. 
# 	See Perez et al. 2001. 
# 	pH was measured at NBS scale 15C by F. Perez and SWS scales at 25C by Melchor Gonzalez. 
# 	The reported pH are those measured by Gonzalez  
# Other: Chlorophyl A 
# References: 
# Perez, F.F. and F. Fraga, The pH measurements in seawater on NBS scale, Mar. Chem., 21, 315-327, 1987a. 
# Perez, F.F. and F. Fraga, A precise and rapid analytical procedure for alkalinity determination, Mar. Chem. 21, 169-182, 1987b. 
# Perez, F.F., C.G. Castro, X.A. Alvarez-Salgado and A.F. Rios, Coupling between the Iberian basin - scale circulation and the Portugal boundary current system: a chemical study, Deep-Sea Res. I, 48(6), 1519-1533, 2001.