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Please cite this data set as:

Delille, B., D. Lefevre, A. Borges and M. Denis. 2007. Marion Dufresne 
35MF19990104 (ANTARES 4) cruise data from the 1999 cruises, CARINA Data Set. Carbon Dioxide 
Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department of 
Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CARINA_35MF19990104

# File initialized 9/12/07 
# Data from Bruno Delilie via M. Hoppema 9/11/07 
# Ship:Marion Dufresne 
# Cruise: ANTARES 4 
# Dates:1/4-2/23/1999 
# EXPOCODE: 35MF19990104 
# Region: Indian sector of Southern Ocean, OISO area 
# Chief Scientist: M. Denis 
# 35 stations with 24 place Rosette (12L bottles) 
# Hydro: Who - Y. Park; Status - final  
# 	Notes: Used CTD# for station 
# 	see Park et al., 2002. 
# Nuts/O2: Who - Corvaisier;Delille,Lefevre  
# 	Notes: nuts rcd in umol/L: converted using assumed T=20C to 
# 		umol/kg 
# 	See Leblanc et al. 2002. 
# TCO2: Who - D. Lefevre; Status - final  
# 	Notes: original file contained measured and calculated; only 
# 		former retained 
# 	SOMMA analysis 
# TA: Who - Delille; Status - final 
# 	Notes: potentiometric titration with reproducibility of 
# 		3umol/kg 
# pH: Who - Delille; Status - final   
# 	Notes:  
# 	Converted to SWS@25C. Originally reported on total scale, at in situ temperature 
# 	accuracy of +/- 0.01 
# Other: Ba (dissolved and particulate), F. Hehairs; see Jacquet et al,  2005. 
# 		Converted from nmol/L to nmol/kg using assumed T=20C 
# 		based on note from Dehairs (9/28/07) 
# 	Special SeaWifs data: 
# 	Primary Productivity: B. Griffiths ( 
# 		via C14 incubation. No data in file. 
# References: 
# Dubreuil, C., M. Denis, P. Conan and S. Roy, Spatial-temporal variability of ultraplankton vertical distribution in the Antarctic 
frontal zones within 60-66E, 43-46S, Polar Biology, 26(11), DOI 10.1007/s00300-003-0545-5, 734-735, 2003. 

# Jacquet, S.H.M., F. Dehairs, D. Cardinal, J. Navez and B. Delille, Barium distribution across the Southern Ocean frontal system 
in the Crozet-Kerguelen Basin, Mar. Chem., 95(3-4), 149-162,2005. 

# K. Leblanc, B. Queguiner, M. Fiala, S. Blain, J. Morvan and R. Corvaisier, Particulate biogenic silica and carbon production rates 
and particulate matter distribution in the Indian sector of the Subantarctic Ocean, Deep-Sea Res. II, 49(16), 3189-3206,  2002. 

# Y.H. Park, R.T. Pollard, J.F. Read and V. Laboucher, A quasi-synoptic view of frontal circulation in the Crozet Basin during the 
Antares-4 cruise, Deep-Sea Research. Part II. Topical Studies in Oceanography 49 (2002), pp. 1823-1842.