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Please cite this data set as:

Alvarez, M., I.S. Aristegui, and S. Bacon. 1997. Carbon Dioxide, Hydrographic, and Chemical 
Data Obtained During the R/V Discovery Cruise in the North Atlantic Ocean During WOCE Section A25 
(7 August - 17 September, 1997). 
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department of 
Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.WOCE_A25_1997

# Initialized README file for WOCE leg A25 8/2/2001  
# Ship: R/V Discovery 
# Cruise: 74DI230_1 (FOUREX: IGY section Four Repeat Experiment; WOCE A25) 
# Dates: 8/7 - 9/17/1997 
# EXPOCODE: 74DI19970807 
# Region: Vigo Spain to Southampton, UK 
# Chief Scientist: S. Bacon 
# 143 full depth stations;  with 36 place Rosette 
# This cruise was included in GLODAPv1.1 (Atlantic cruise number 29; see Key 35 al. 2004), but carbon added since 
# Hydro: Who - S. Cunningham; Status - final 
# 	Notes: data from WHP-SIO 9/28/05 
# 	Stations 21:139 each had 2 bottles numbered 21. Change second (deeper) to bottle 1 (which didn't occur after station 20) so that bottles for each station/cast are unique 
# 	See Alvarez et al., 2004. 
# Nuts/O2: Who - S. Holley; Status - final; S Plus - up to date 
# 	Notes: data from WHP-SIO 9/28/05 
# 	nitrate is NO3+NO2 
# TA: Who -  M. Alvarez/I.S. Aristegui; Status - final 
# 	Notes: CRM batch 37 
# 	potentiometric titration method of Perez 
# 	See Alvarez et al., 2002,2003. 
# 	Data from Rios (9/28/05) 
# pH: Who -  M. Alvarez/I.S. Aristegui; Status - final  
# 	Notes: spectorphotometric referenced to SWS@25C 
# 	Data set from Rios (9/28/05) 
# 	See Alvarez et al., 2002,2003. 
# CFC: Who - Smythe-Wright; Status - final 
# 	Notes: data from WHP-SIO 9/28/05 
# 	file lists CFC113 and CCl4, but no data 
# Other: Chlorophyl A and Phaeopigments 
# References: 
# Alvarez, M., H.K. Bryden, F.F. Perez, A.F. Rios, G. Rosen. 2002. Physical and biogeochemical fluxes and net budgets in the subpolar and temperate 
north Atlantic. Journal of Marine Research, 60, 191=226. 

# Alvarez, M, A.F. Rios F.F. Perez, G. Rosen  and H.L. Bryden. 2003. Transports and budgets of total inorganic carbon In the subpolar and temperate 
North Atlantic. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 17(1), 1002=1029.  

# Alvarez M., F.F. Perez, H. Bryden, A. F. Rios. 2004. Physical and biogeochemical transport structure in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre. Journal of 
Geophysical Research 109, C03027 doi: 1 0.1029/2003JC002015. 

# Key, R.M., A. Kozyr, C.L. Sabine, K. Lee, R. Wanninkhof, J. Bullister, R.A. Feely, F. Millero, C. Mordy, T.-H. Peng, A global ocean carbon climatology: 
Results from Global Data Analysis Project (GLODAP), Global Biogeochem. Cycles,18, GB4031,doi:10.1029/2004GB002247, 2004. 

# Perez, F.F., M. Vazquez-Rodriguez, E. Louarn, X.A. Padin, H. Mercier and A.F. Rios, Temporal variability of the anthropogenic CO2 storage in the Irminger 
Sea, Biogeosci, 4, 1-11, 2008.