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CARBON IN ATLANTIC OCEAN (CARINA): Southern Ocean Region Database, Version 1.0: CARINA.SO.V1.0, doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CARINA.SO.V1.0

Please site this database as:

CARINA Group. 2009. Carbon in the Southern Ocean Region - the CARINA project: Results and Data, Version 1.0. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CARINA.SO.V1.0

CARINA Project Main Page:

Parameters.pdf is the Translation table for parameter names, flags and units. 

Data Log.

24 June 2009	Received from Robert M. Key, Princeton University.