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These data products were created and are offered by The CARINA Group:

Tanhua, T., A. Olsen, M. Hoppema, S. Jutterstrom, C. Schirnick, S. van Heuven, A. Velo, X. Lin, A. Kozyr, 
M. Alvarez, D.C.E. Bakker, P. Brown, E. Falck, E. Jeansson, C. Lo Monaco, J. Olafsson, F.F. Perez, D. Pierrot, 
A.F. Rios, C.L. Sabine, U. Schuster, R. Steinfeldt, I. Stendardo, L.G. Anderson, N.R. Bates, R.G.J. Bellerby, 
J. Blindheim, J.L. Bullister, N. Gruber, M. Ishii, T. Johannessen, E.P. Jones, J. Kohler, A. Kortzinger, 
N. Metzl, A. Murata, S. Musielewicz, A.M. Omar, K.A. Olsson, M. de la Paz, B. Pfeil, F. Rey, M. Rhein, I. Skjelvan, 
B. Tilbrook, R. Wanninkhof, L. Mintrop, D.W.R. Wallace, and R.M. Key.

The table with all The CARINA Group names and their affiliations can be found here:


AMS= Arctic Mediterranean Seas;
ATL= Atlantic Ocean;
SO = Southern Ocean.

A lookup table is included for each data product (e.g. ATLcruises.csv for the ATLantic data product). These tables are simple comma 
separated ascii files with 4 fields per record: expocode, cruiseno (number), basename, and region. In the data products, cruises 
are identified only by the cruise number. The basename is provided for compatibility with existing Matlab routines developed for 
this work and is probably useless for anyone other than CARINA members. Care must be taken when reading the EXPOCODEs because one 
(cruiseno=83, area 4, 320620030705) is purely numeric rather than the usual mixture of alphabetic and numeric characters.The area 
column is an integer which designates the general location for each cruise. Area indicators 3 and 5 denote cruises that were included 
in more than one data product and that span the boundary between regions.

Area codes in lookup tables:

 1 = Atlantic Ocean
 2 = Southern Ocean
 3 = Atlantic & Southern Ocean
 4 = Arctic Mediterranean Seas
 5 = Atlantic Ocean & Arctic Mediterranean Seas

Data Log.

24 June 2009	Received Robert M. Key, Princeton University.

01 July 2009	Reseived and from Robert M. Key, Princeton University.

11 August 2009	Received file from Robert M. Key 
		Notes: V1.1 includes calculated pH for cruise number 47 (18SN19940724).

17 August 2009	Received file from Robert M. Key 
		Notes: Updated Phosphate quality flags for 3 stations in the file for cruise number 119 (58AA19950217),
		created new file

12 Feb. 2010	Received from Robert M. Key, Princeton University.
		Notes: CARINA.SO.V1.1.csv- this is the data product file with the new nitrite 
		values and flags. It should be put on-line with todays date. The note should indicate that the 
		nitrite values for cruise 115 in version 1.0 were incorrect and have been corrected in this version.