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Please cite this data set as:

Bakker, D.C.E., J. Etcheto, J. Boutin, Y. Dandonneau, and L. Merlivat. 2001. Variability 
of surface water fCO2 during seasonal upwelling in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean as 
observed by a drifting buoy. 
Journal of Geophysical Research, 106: 9241-9253.

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1) 	Date/Month/Year 		(UTC, dd/mm/yyyy))
2) 	Hour/Minute/Seconds		(UTC hh:mm:ss)
3) 	Latitude 				(+°N, - °S, decimal degrees)
4) 	Longitude 			(+ °E, - °W, decimal degrees)
5) 	fCO2 				(µatm)
6) 	fluorescence 			(relative units) 
7) 	Sea surface temperature 	(°C)
8) 	Atmospheric pressure 		(mbar or hPa)