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NOTE: Land data have now been updated through 2009.
Please see the updated documentation file NDP-026C_EECRA_Update_1997-2009.pdf.

The original documentation file for NDP-026C: Extended Edited Synoptic Cloud Reports 
from Ships and Land Stations Over the Globe, 1952-1996, is ndp026c.pdf.
The file ndp026c.txt is an ASCII version of
the pdf file that contains most text documentation, but lacks tables and figures.
The file ndp026c_readme.txt is an ASCII file that contains a basic overview
of the database and a few key tables related to the contents of the data files.

The monthly cloud data files for land and ocean are contained in the "land" and
"ship" subdirectories, respectively.  The period of record contained in each
subdirectory is apparent from the subdirectory name, e.g., the subdirectory
land_197101_197404 contains all land monthly data files from January 1971 through
April of 1974.

August 21, 2012