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Archive of ICRCCM Infrared (Clear-Sky) Line-by-Line Radiative Fluxes

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/sar.db1002


Purpose:    The Intercomparison of Radiation Codes in Climate Models
            produced benchmark longwave line-by-line (LBL) fluxes that
            may be compared against each other and against models of
            lower spectral resolution.  This archive contains fluxes
            for ICRCCM-prescribed clear-sky cases.  Fluxes are summed
            for the IR spectrum and given at 5 or 10 wavenumber (cm-1)
            intervals for comparison with other models.  Specified
            atmospheric profiles for temperature, water vapor, and
            ozone mixing ratios are given with radiative flux and
            cooling rate profile results.

Host Machine:

Directory:     /pub/ridgway/icrccm

Sub-directories containing codes and data:

    brief/          Brief Formatted data files - spectral summaries
    csh/            C-shell scripts used to format and list data
    data/           Formatted data files (Unix compressed)
    doc/            Documentation (will be updated)
    fortran/        FORTRAN codes used to format and read data
    idl_data/       Binary IEEE data files for use by IDL
    idl_tools/      IDL Programs for reformatting and display of data

Sources:    GLA -   Nasa Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres

                    Bill Ridgway [& Albert Arking]
                    Applied Research Corporation
                    NASA GSFC Code 913
                    Greenbelt, MD  20771

                    Voice: (301) 286-9138
                    Fax:   (301) 286-4804

            AER -   Atmospheric Environmental Research, Inc.

                    Mike Iacono [& Tony Clough]
                    AER, Inc.
                    840 Memorial Drive
                    Cambridge, MA  02139

                    Voice: (617) 547-6207

            GFDL -  NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

                    Stuart Freidenreich [& Dan Schwarzkopf]
                    NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab
                    Princeton University
                    P.O. Box 308
                    Princeton, NJ  08542

                    Voice: (609) 452-6645
                    Fax:   (609) 987-5063

            KIAE -  Russian Research Center Kurchatov Institute

                    Boris Fomin & Anatoly Trotsenko
                    Russian Research Center Kurchatov Institute
                    Kurchatov sq. 1
                    123182 Moscow, Russia

                    Voice: 095-196-7687
                    Fax:   095-194-1994