Glossary: Carbon Dioxide and Climate (August 1990)

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center and World Data Center-A for Atmospheric Trace Gases, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The impact of increased concentrations of CO2 and other trace gases in the atmosphere is of concern in both scientific and nontechnical fields. This glossary contains definitions of selected CO2-related terms and has been compiled to help fill the gaps in information related to climate-change terminology.

Terms in the glossary are defined with an emphasis on their relationship to CO2 and climate. Many of the definitions are then followed by a more comprehensive discussion of the terms and their use. References to the literature from which the definitions were taken are listed at the end of the glossary. In addition to terminology associated with the CO2-climate issue, a variety of other types of nomenclature is required to fully understand crucial relations between emissions, atmospheric conditions, and changing climate. The Glossary also contains seven tables of International System of Units Prefixes, common conversion factors, useful quantities found in CO2 research, geological time scales, and abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in atmospheric research.

This is the third edition of Glossary: Carbon Dioxide and Climate. This new edition contains more than a hundred new terms, redefinitions of many of the original terms, and an expansion of a section of tables.

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