Environmental Consequences of CO2-Climate Interactions: The Need for Integrated Resource Analysis
(January 1989)

R. M. Cushman, J. C. Waterhouse, and M. P. Farrell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The increasing concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide is expected to alter the global climate and thereby affect agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and water resources. Resources such as these interact on a regional scale, and realistic projections of the effects on these resources must take into account the important interactions and feedbacks linking them. In addition, carbon dioxide directly affects the water use and growth of vegetation; therefore, the interactive effects of carbon dioxide and climate must also be considered. These interactions and feedbacks pose a significant challenge to any attempt to model the response of resources to changing carbon dioxide and climate. In particular, model linkage and the integration of processes that operate on different spatial and temporal scales are problems that must be addressed.

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