Information Services

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4. Information Services

4.1 FY 2000 Statistics

Statistics calculated from FY 2000 activity CDIAC indicate that users are predominately accessing our data and information products via our Web site. While CDIAC continues to receive and respond to users via traditional methods (e.g, email, mail, fax, telephone) and users continue to access data products through direct FTP, statistics from these areas are minute in comparison to the statistics generated from CDIACís Web activity.

  • In FY 2000, CDIACís Web site received more than 250,000 visits with users viewing greater than 1,735,000 Web pages. These numbers nearly double those of FY 1999, when users viewed 760,000 pages (then a record) during 137,000 visits.

  • The average number of pages viewed per day in FY 2000 was 4,754, and the average visit to CDIACís Web site lasted approximately 15 minutes.

  • Visits to CDIACís Web site were made from 100 different domains, ten percent more domains than in FY 1999. Of these 100 domains, 91 represented foreign countries.

  • Shown below are the major keywords used to locate CDIAC data and information products via online search engines (e.g., Yahoo, AltaVista,,,, etc.):

  • carbon dioxide

  • greenhouse effect

  • carbon

  • CO2

  • cdiac

  • climatology

  • carbon dioxide emissions

  • precipitation

  • Some 300 browsers were utilized in accessing CDIACís Web site. Interestingly, of the total 250,000 visits to our site, Microsoft Internet Explorer users represented 92,073 of those visits, and Netscape Navigator users represented 91,932 visits. and America Online were the other top browsers used to access CDIAC data and information products.

As might be expected, the top host accessing our site was America Online, and the top domain was U.S. Commercial.

4.2 FY 2000 Internet Requests

CDIAC Users Worldwide

  • Educators (teachers, professors)
  • Students (elementary, high school, college graduate and undergraduate)
  • General Public (interested citizens, special interest groups)
  • Specialists (scientists, engineers, business and industry)
  • Government (legislative assistants, policymakers, agencies)
  • Media (radio, television, newspapers)


Comparison of FY 2000 and FY 1999 Views/Visits

FY 2000



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