Bibliography on Tropical Rain Forests and the Global Carbon Cycle. Vol. 1. An Introduction to the Literature
(May 1988)

C. A. S. Hall, State University of New York and University of Montana

S. Brown, University of Illinois

F. M. O'Hara Jr., Consultant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

P. B. Bogdonoff, D. Barshaw, E. Kaufman, and S. Underhill, Cornell University

This bibliography is Part I of a two-part volume; the second part will be an ecological and land-use bibliography on South Asia by J. F. Richards. World literature on tropical rain forests, tropicaldeforestation, and-use change in the tropics, tropical forest conversion, and swidden agriculture as related to the global carbon cycle is covered in this bibliography. Historic papers and books are included, but comprehensive coverage was only sought for 1980 through 1987. This compendium of nearly 2000 entries forms the point f departure for a series of bibliographies on this topic. Other works in this series will be on the global carbon cycle and rain forests in specific geographic areas, whereas this volume includes references to literature about the global carbon cycle and rain forests anywhere in the world. The bibliography is ordered alphabetically by author and is indexed by subject and author.

This bibliography is the third in a series of up-to-date, specialized, and evaluated bibliographies that have been produced by the cooperative efforts of the U.S. Department of Energy's Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) and carbon dioxide researchers.

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