Data products and reports made available by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Environmental Sciences Division, Office of Biological and Environmental Research (OBER), and the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) provide coverage in a number of areas relevant to the greenhouse effect and global climate change. Such areas include records of the concentration of carbon dioxide and other radiatively active gases in the atmosphere; the role of the terrestrial biosphere and the oceans in the biogeochemical cycles of greenhouse gases; emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere; long-term climate trends; the effects of elevated carbon dioxide on vegetation; and the vulnerability of coastal areas to rising sea level. Currently in its eighth revision, this catalog provides information about the data products and reports available through CDIAC.

Many of the data products and reports listed in this catalog are available online in enhanced format as HTML documents or PDF documents. Data files are available through online access, via CDIAC's Web site ( or our anonymous file transfer protocol (FTP) area (, or upon request, on a variety of media (e.g., CD ROM, magnetic tape, 8 mm tape, floppy diskette).

CDIAC operates the World Data Center-A (WDC-A) for Atmospheric Trace Gases, a component of the World Data Center System coordinated by the International Council of Scientific Unions. Data products and reports produced by CDIAC and the WDC-A are denoted by the letters, WDC-A, printed beneath the publication number.

The catalog is divided into four sections, plus an author index and title index:

Section A - U.S. Department of Energy Sponsored Research Reports available through CDIAC listed in this section provide information on the scope, activities, and direction of OBER.

Section B - CDIAC Reports lists the publications produced and distributed by CDIAC.

Section C - CDIAC Numeric Data and Computer Model Products are thoroughly checked and documented before being released as numeric data packages (NDPs). This section includes information on the NDPs and the computer model package (CMP) available from CDIAC. The documentation provides complete descriptions of the data set, describes limitations and restrictions of the data, suggests data applications, provides tabular listings and graphical displays of the data, and includes reprints of pertinent literature.

Section D - Databases Distributed by CDIAC described in this section have not been subjected to normal CDIAC quality-control procedures. In order to make the data available more quickly the customary documentation is not available for these products. The data are available in electronic format only and include files describing the contents of each database.

CDIAC's newsletter, CDIAC Communications, available by subscription in hard copy or electronic format, provides information about current global change research, new and revised data products and reports, and upcoming events relating to global change.

Data products and reports listed in this catalog are distributed free of charge by CDIAC. Contact us here.

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Please note that many CO2 related proceedings, reports, and other publications listed in prior versions of the catalog are no longer available from CDIAC. DOE and DOE contractors should request copies from the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), P.O. Box 62, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 ( Other individuals should purchase copies from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) (703-487-4650 or in microfiche or hard copy; prices will vary with the number of pages.