NOTICE (March 2018): This website provides access to the CDIAC archive data temporarily. It will be gradually transitioned into data packages in the new ESS-DIVE archive. This site will continue to operate in parallel during and after the transition, and will be retired at a future date. If you have any questions regarding the data or the transition, please contact

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National Land Cover Data 2001

Graphic image of NLCD 2001 data.


This data set is one complete raster coverage of the MRLC National Land Cover Data (NLCD) covering the conterminous United States. The NLCD is composed of 16-classes, and is derived from Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper, and Landsat 5 satellite data centered around 2001. A complete description of these data can be found at

Please note: the 1992 NLCD data are also available.

The NLCD data is distributed by the Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium (MRLC). CDIAC has combined the regional files created by the MRLC into one contiguous raster data file for the conterminous United States. Smaller, regional coverages can be downloaded directly from the MRLC:

Download graphic image and metadata files:
Graphic (TIFF)

Download NLCD2001 spatial data:
Spatial data is provided in two formats. Winzip ( or Stuffit ( may be used to open .zip files. Due to the size limitation in earlier versions of these softwares, only Winzip 9.0, Stuffit 8.5, or later versions are recommended to open the zip files distributed here.

1. ESRI ArcInfo Grid. The unzipped files are approximately 2.68GB.
The zipfile contains two directories: info, and nlcd_2001. Please retain the native directory structure of these files after they have been uncompressed.
ArcInfo Grid file: (1.14GB)

2. ERDAS Imagine. The unzipped files are approximately 28GB.
Imagine file: (1.17GB)