NOTICE (March 2018): This website provides access to the CDIAC archive data temporarily. It will be gradually transitioned into data packages in the new ESS-DIVE archive. This site will continue to operate in parallel during and after the transition, and will be retired at a future date. If you have any questions regarding the data or the transition, please contact

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CDIAC Climate Holdings Containing Climate Reconstruction Data

Data Set Name Investigators Data Type/Format Period of Record
Historic isotopic temperature record from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica J.R. Petit et al. Time series; proxy temperatures from ice core 420,000 years BP - present
Deuterium Record in an Ice Core from Dome C, Antarctica J. Jouzel Time series; proxy temperatures from ice core 740,000 years BP - present
Tree Ring Chronology Indexes and Reconstructions of Precipitation in Central Iowa, USA (CDIAC NDP-002) T. J. Blasing and D. N. Duvick Time series; annual reconstructed precipitation amount from tree rings 1680 - 1979
Global Paleoclimatic Data for 6000 Yr B.P. (CDIAC NDP-011) T. Webb, III Proxy air and sea surface temperature estimates, lake levels, pollen counts, and other underlying and supporting data 6K yr BP snapshot
Climate Reconstructions from NOAA's World Data Center for Paleoclimatolgy website
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