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County-level Estimates of Carbon Dioxide Release from Human Expiration, 2000-2008

Tristram O. West
Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

These data represent carbon dioxide release by humans in the United States. Estimates of CO2 emissions are based on population block-group data from the US Census Bureau and on CO2 coefficients developed by West et al. (2009). The method by West et al. (2009) uses food consumption data per age and gender, along with data on human metabolic cycles, to estimate CO2 emissions per age and gender cohort. The method is described in the following publication:

West, T.O., G. Marland, N. Singh, B.L. Bhaduri, and A.B. Roddy. 2009. The human carbon budget: as estimate of the spatial distribution of metabolic carbon consumption and release in the United States. Biogeochemistry 94: 29-41, DOE 10.1007/x10533-009-9306-z.

Tabular data are provided by county and by year in Excel and CSV formats. Units are Megagrams CO2 per county per year.

Carbon Dioxide Release from Human Expiration, 2000-2008:
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