The State of the Carbon Cycle Report
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September 2006 Public Review Draft

Entire Document [pdf]

Entire Part I (Chapters 1 through 5) [pdf]

Entire Part II (Chapters 6 through 9, and the Overview) [pdf]

Entire Part III (Chapters 10 through 15, and the Overview) [pdf]

Individual Chapters

Table of Contents and Preface [pdf]

Executive Summary [pdf]

Chapter 1, What is the carbon cycle and why do we care? [pdf]

Chapter 2, The Carbon cycle of the United States in a global context [pdf]

Chapter 3, The North American carbon budget past and present [pdf]

Chapter 4, What are the options and measures that could signifantly affect the carbon cycle? [pdf]

Chapter 5, How can we improve the application of scientific information to decision support related to carbon management and climate decision-making? [pdf]

Part II Overview, An introduction to CO2 emissions from fossil fuels [pdf]

Chapter 6, Energy extraction and conversion [pdf]

Chapter 7, Transportation [pdf]

Chapter 8, Industry and waste management [pdf]

Chapter 9, Buildings [pdf]

Part III Overview, Land and water systems [pdf]

Chapter 10, Agricultural lands, grasslands, shrublands, and arid lands [pdf]

Chapter 11, North American forests [pdf]

Chapter 12, Carbon cycles in permafrost regions of North America [pdf]

Chapter 13, Wetlands [pdf]

Chapter 14, Human Settlements [pdf]

Chapter 15, Coastal oceans, lakes, and rivers [pdf]


The State of the Carbon Cycle (SOCCR) is funded by the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Aeronautices and Space Administration (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the National Science Foundation (NSF).