FACE Data: FACTS II (Rhinelander, Wisconsin)

The following data, and summary documentation, from the FACTS II (Rhinelander, Wisconsin) FACE site are now available from CDIAC:

Selected recent publications:

Karnosky, D. F., K. E. Percy, B. Xiang, B. Callan, A. Noormets, B. Mankovska, A. Hopkin, J. Sober, W. Jones, R. E. Dickson, and J. G. Isebrands. 2002. Interacting elevated CO2 and tropospheric O3 predisposes aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) to infection by rust (Melampsora medusae f. sp. tremuloidae). Global Change Biology 8:329-338.

Percy, K. E., C. A. Awmack, R. L. Lindroth, M. E. Kubiske, B. J. Kopper, J. G. Isebrands, K. S. Pregitzer, G. R. Hendrey, R. E. Dickson, D. R. Zak, E. Oksanen, J. Sober, R. Harrington, and D. F. Karnosky. 2002. Altered performance of forest pests under atmospheres enriched by CO2 and O3. Nature 420:403-407.

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