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Growth and Chemical Responses to CO2 Enrichment Virginia Pine (Pinus Virginiana Mill.) (1985) (NDP-009)

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R. J. Luxmoore, R. J. Norby, E. G. O'Neill, D. G. Weller, J. M. Ells, and H. H. Rogers

From June 28 to October 29 in 1982, Virginia pine seedlings were exposed to elevated CO2 levels in open-top growth chambers at one of four concentrations (75, 150, 300, and 600 ppm above ambient).

Plant dry weight; height; stem diameter; and chemical contents of leaf, stem, and root tissues were measured before and after exposure. Soil variables were also characterized.

These data illustrate the short-term physical and chemical response of Virginia pine seedlings to elevated levels of CO2. The data are in seven files: initial dry weights before exposure (844 kB), dry weights after exposure (4 kB), major nutrient concentrations after final harvest (12 kB), minor nutrient concentrations after final harvest (17 kB), soil nutrient concentrations after final harvest (4 kB), soil leachate elements after final harvest (5 kB), and soil leachate solutes after final harvest (4 kB).