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Nojiri, Y. 2007. Monitoring of the atmosphere-ocean carbon dioxide exchange by ship of opportunity 
during the 1999-2001 cruises.
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US 
Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.VOS_AlligatorHope_1999-2001

The second VOS was M/S Alligator Hope of MO Line Co., Japan, which operated from November 1999 to May 2001. 
This container cargo ship operated between Japan and the U.S. West Coast at 5-week intervals. The calling 
ports were Seattle in the U.S. and Vancouver in Canada. Oceanic pCO2 was observed between Tokyo and Seattle 
and between Vancouver and Tokyo. From the 16 round-trips within the period, frequent observations of the high 
latitude area in the Pacific were obtained. A fully automated onboard system was installed and its operation was 
contracted out to an onboard seaman. The 6-year datasets obtained through Skaugran and Alligator Hope provided 
useful information about the interannual variability of ΔpCO2 in the North Pacific, which has significantly smaller 
amplitude than that in the Equatorial Pacific area.