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Please cite this data set as:

McGrath, T., C. Kivimae, R. R. Cave, and E. McGovern. 2012. Carbon Dioxide, Hydrographic, and Chemical 
Data Obtained During the R/V Celtic Explorer Standard Oceanographic Section Cruises in the Rockall Trough area. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge 
National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/OTG.ROCKALL_TROUGH_2012


1. During the CE0903 cruise there appears to be a negative offset of total alkalinity data through the water column relative to 
   the CE10002 survey and to a number of other WOCE surveys across the Rockall Trough.

2. The oxygen sensor data is on average 14.2 umol/kg lower than the Winkler data and therefore should be corrected for this offset.

3. The file 45CE20100209.exc.csv was updated on 9/05/2013. The oxygen sensor data have been calibrated with the oxygen winkler results.