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Please cite this data set as:

Feely, R., C. Sabine, and C. Cosca. 2005. Underway pCO2 measurements aboard the R/V Roger Revelle
during the 2004 EB04 cruise. Carbon 
Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, 
Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.REVELLE_2004_EB04

File Format


1.GROUP/SHIP:			PMEL/Revelle

2.CRUISE_ID:			2004_EB04

3.JD_GMT:			Decimal year day

4.Date_MM/DD/YYYY		Date in the format MM/DD/YYYY

5.Date_DDMMYYYY			Date in the format DDMMYYYY


7.LAT_DEC_DEGREE:		Latitude in decimal degrees (negative values are in southern hemisphere).

8.LONG_DEC_DEGREE:		Longitude in decimal degrees (negative values are in western latitudes).

9.xCO2W_PPM:           		Mole fraction of CO2 (dry) in the headspace equilibrator at equilibrator temperature (Teq) in
				parts per million.  Water comes from bow intake 2m below the water line.

10.xCO2A_PPM:			Mole fraction of CO2 in air in parts per million.

11.xCO2A_INTERPOLATED_PPM:	xCO2atm_ppm averaged linearly to match up with measurements xCO2eq_ppm
12.PRES_EQUIL_hPa:		Barometric pressure in the equilibrator

13.PRES_SEALEVEL_hPa:		Barometric pressure in the atmosphere

14.EqTEMP_C:			Temperature in the equilibrator water.

15.SST(TSG)_C:			Temperature from the ship's bow intake.

16.SAL(TSG)_PERMIL:		Thermosalinograph salinity

17.fCO2W@SST_uATM:		Fugacity of CO2 in sea water in microatmospheres calculated as outlined in the DOE Handbook.

18.CO2A_uATM:			Fugacity of CO2 in air in microatmospheres 

19.dfCO2_uatm:			Sea water fCO2 - air fCO2 in microatmospheres.

20.QC_FLAG:			Quality control flag	
				2 = Good value
				3 = Questionable value
				4 = Bad value

21.	QC_SUBFLAG:		Descriptive quality control flag used when a value 
receives a "3" QC flag
1 = Outside of Standard Range
2 = Questionable/interpolated SST
3 = Questionable EQU temperature
4 = Anomalous DeltaT (EqT – SST)( +/- 1C)
5 = Questionable Sea Surface Salinity
6 = Questionable pressure
7 = Low EQU gas flow
8 = Questionable air value
9=  Interpolated standard value
10 = Other, see metadata