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Note: Please cite this data set as:
Lee, K., L. T. Tong, F. J. Millero, C. L. Sabine, A. G. Dickson, C. Goyet, G.-H. Park, R. Wanninkhof, 
R. A. Feely, and R. M. Key. 2006. Global relationships of total alkalinity with salinity and temperature 
in surface waters of the world's oceans. Geophys Research Letters 33, L19605, doi:10.1029/2006GL027207.

Surface Total Alkalinity fields were estimated from five regional TA relationships presented in Lee et al. 
[GRL, 2006, V33, L19605, doi: 10.1029/2006GL027207]**, using monthly mean sea surface temperature and salinity 
from the World Ocean Atlas 2001 [Conkright et al. 2002: World Ocean Atlas 2001: Objective Analyses, Data Statistics, 
and Figures, CD-ROM Documentation. National Oceanographic Data Center, Silver Spring, MD, 17 pp.].

This data sheet consists of 36 columns, including latitude, longitude, sea surface temperature(SST, Jan-Dec), 
sea surface salinity(SSS, Jan-Dec), Calculated total alkalinity from January through December (TA, Jan-Dec).																															
The pixel with -999.9 TA value means that its temperature and salinity are out of the calculation ranges of equations.																																					
If you have any question, please contack Kitack Lee (