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The newest version of the Pacific GOCS12 tar file is PGOCS12v3.tar.Z. This version has 14 new cruises. 
13 are from PACIFICA and the last is NACP cruise along the west coast of the U.S. The tar file includes 
the "normal" figures + 2 new ones for pH. We now (06/06/2012) have the correction table for PACIFICA, so 
a new GOCS12 version will be produced soon. The file now contains 3794 stations with 188309 samples.
This file also includes pH_TOT (pH on the total H+ scale) and the reporting temperature for same. This 
means that it is not column compatible with the other oceans or with earlier versions. 

The new v2 version was uploaded. The file is calledĀ PGOCS12v2.tar. It includes the csv file 
plus 5 pdfs. In each filename the "v2" indicates version as usual

This version has 4 additional cruises:

Lynne Talley's 2 AAIW cruises in the far SE
A 2007 occupation of SR03 (file now includes 3 occupations of this area)
A 2010 Japanese occupation of P09 (with REALLY good data).

The PGOCS12v2 does NOT include the new "final" alk data (it does have the new final tco2 data ) for S4P_2011