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Please cite this data set as:

Dandonneau, Y. 2004. Sea-surface partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the eastern 
equatorial Pacific measured during ECOA cruises (August, 1991 - January, 1997). Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis 
Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

ECOA (Exchange of Carbon between Ocean and Atmosphere) Data

ECOA aimed to describe and understand the variability of the partial pressure of carbon dioxide at the
sea surface along a commercial shiplane between Le Havre (France) and Noumea (New Caledonia).
Focus was on the equatorial Pacific and the El Nino ? Southern Oscillation.

ECOA was part of the French "Programme National d'Etude du Climat" (PNEDC-CO2) and was supported by the the
Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers (INSU) for equipment, and by the Institut de Recherche pour le
Developpement (IRD) for functioning.

Twenty cruises (quarterly) took place from July 1991 to December 1996 onboard of merchant ships Rabelais and
Ronsard (Compagnie Generale Maritime). Cruises ECOA_6 to ECOA_8, and ECOA_12 to ECOA_13 failed and the data from
these cruises are not reported here. A scientific observer onboard watched over the pCO2 measuring system
(IR analyser, and equilibrator based on a vacuum water-pump) and proceeded to calibrations versus gas standards,
to sampling for chlorophyll, nutrients and (only for the last five cruises and the equatorial Pacific)
TCO2 + alkalinity. The methods are described in Dandonneau (1995).

The results showed the decrease in pCO2 in the Pacific equatorial region after the 1992-94 El Nino (from 480 uatm
in August 1991 to less than 400 uatm in March 1992). At higher latitudes, the variability of pCO2 appears to be
dominated by seasonal variations.

      Contact :
      Yves Dandonneau
      Laboratoire d'Oceanographie Dynamique et de Climatologie (LODYC)
      Tour 15, 2me Etage
      Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
      4, place Jussieu
      75252 Paris cedex 05

The table below lists the data files that can be downloaded. If you encounter difficulties downloading the files,
use the mouse right button with "save link as" option. When using these data, please refer to Dandonneau (1995).
Files named ECOAPCO2xx contain year, month, day, hour (GMT), minutes, longitude (east), latitude, SST, pCO2 (uatm,
computed at saturating water vapor at SST). Files named ECOAPRLxx contain year, month, day, hour (GMT), minutes,
longitude (east), latitude, NO3+NO2, SiO2 (umol/L), salinity, Chlorophyll a, Pheophytin a (ug/L, measured
according to Holm-Hansen et al., 1965, Fluorimetric determination of chlorophyll, Journal du Conseil, 30: 1-15),
Total CO2, Alkalinity (umol/kg).

      cruise |  start. date |  End date |  observer   |   download          |   Missing data
      ECOA_1   1991-07-27   1991-08-31   Y.Montel     ECOAPCO201 ECOAPRLV01  S,cha,pha,tco2,alk
      ECOA_2   1991-10-22   1991-11-25   J.L.Cremoux  ECOAPCO202 ECOAPRLV02  cha,pha,tco2,alk
      ECOA_3   1992-02-16   1992-03-21   C.Peignon    ECOAPCO203 ECOAPRLV03  cha,pha,tco2,alk
      ECOA_4   1992-05-31   1992-07-07   P.Hamel      ECOAPCO204 ECOAPRLV04  sio2,cha,pha,tco2,alk
      ECOA_5   1992-09-09   1992-10-13   E.Fukai      ECOAPCO205 ECOAPRLV05  sio2,tco2,alk
      ECOA_9   1993-12-29   1994-02-03   J.M.Andre    ECOAPCO209 ECOAPRLV09  sio2,tco2,alk
      ECOA_10  1994-04-06   1994-05-11   A.Guillot    ECOAPCO210 ECOAPRLV10  sio2,tco2,alk
      ECOA_11  1994-07-31   1994-09-03   Y.Montel     ECOAPCO211 ECOAPRLV11  sio2,tco2,alk
      ECOA_14  1995-05-09   1995-06-13   E.Kestenare  ECOAPCO214 ECOAPRLV14  sio2,tco2,alk
      ECOA_15  1995-08-20   1995-09-21   L.Gourdeau   ECOAPCO215 ECOAPRLV15  sio2,tco2,alk
      ECOA_16  1995-12-05   1996-01-05   P.Gerard     ECOAPCO216 ECOAPRLV16  sio2
      ECOA_17  1996-03-06   1996-04-09   F.Vinson     ECOAPCO217 ECOAPRLV17  no3+2,sio2
      ECOA_18  1996-06-06   1996-07-14   A.Arseguel   ECOAPCO218 ECOAPRLV18  sio2
      ECOA_19  1996-09-11   1996-10-14   L.Barre      ECOAPCO219 ECOAPRLV19  sio2
      ECOA_20  1996-12-12   1997-01-15   D.Bakker     ECOAPCO220 ECOAPRLV20  sio2

      Publications :
      Boutin, J., J. Etcheto, Y. Dandonneau, D.C.E. Bakker, R.A. Feely, H.Y. Inoue, M. Ishii, R.D. Ling, P.D. Nightingale,
      N. Metzl, and R. Wanninkhof 1999. Satellite sea surface temperature : a powerful tool for interpreting in situ pCO2
      measurements in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Tellus 51B: 490-508.

      Dandonneau, Y. 1995. sea-surface partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the eastern equatorial Pacific (August 1991
      to October 1992) : a multivariate analysis of physical and biological factors. Deep-Sea Research II 42: 349-364.

      Lefevre, N., C. Andrie, Y. Dandonneau, G. Reverdin, and M. Rodier 1994. PCO2, chemical properties and estimated new
      production in the equatorial Pacific in January-March 1991. Journal of Geophysical Research 99: 12639-12654.

      Lefevre, N. and Y. Dandonneau 1992. air-sea CO2 fluxes in the equatorial Pacific in January-March 1991.
      Geophysical Research Letters 19: 2223-2226.

      Stoens, A. and Y. Dandonneau 1999. the CO2 partial pressure in the eastern equatorial Pacific : empirical relationships
      with other oceanic variables. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (B) 24: 391-397.