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06/27/2016: Updated PHSPHT data received from PI. Will be included in future version of GLODAPv2 and CARINA. Updated data may already be downloaded from 
the annotations section of this cruise in the GLODAPv2 adjustment table at

Please cite this data set as:

Perez, F., M. Alvarez, A. Rios, M. Castaeo, and T. Huck. 2005. Thalassa 35TH20040604, 
OVIDE 2004 cruise data, CARINA Data Set. 
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department 
of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CARINA_35TH20040604

# 3/17/99 Initialized README file  
# Data from F.Perez 
# Ship and cruise designation: R/V Thalassia; Ovide4 
# EXPOCODE: 35TH20040604 
# Cruise dates: 6/4/2004 - 7/6/2004 
# 114 stations 
# Region: North Atlantic, Spain to Greenland 
# Chief Scientist: Thierry Huck 
# Hydro: Who - T. Huck; Status - final 
# 	Notes:  
# 	Deep salinity values slightly lower (<0.001) than Ovide 2 data; WOCE data are intermediate 
# 	Pressure values updated 2/26/08 
# 	See Lherminier et al. 2008 
# Nuts/O2: Who - P. Morin; Status - final 
# 	Notes: final nuts from P.Morin via F. Perez 12/1/07 
# 	Nitrate data (actually nitrate+nitrite) show significant scatter for stations 1-50. 
# 	Silicate data precise  
# 	Phosphate data are precise 
# 	Oxygen generally comparable with WOCE 
# TA: Who - F.Perez et al.; Status - final 
# 	Notes: CRM used (batch 64) 
# 	Automatic potentiometric titrator (Perez et al., 2000) 
# 	CRM reproducibility of 0.7+/-1.0 (23 duplicates) 
# 	Deep values in East (high silicate) may be slightly low relative to  
# 		WOCE, but detailed comparison needed to qualtify/assure 
# 	See Perez et al. 2008. 
# fCO2: Who - ; Status - Underway data only 
# pH: Who - F.Perez et al.; Status - final   
# 	Notes: CRM used (batch 64) 
# 	CRM replication of 0.0015+/-0.0016 
# 	Converted to SWS@25C.  
# 	Measured spectrophotometric via Clayton and Byrne (1993), Total H scale @ 25C 
# References: 

# Clayton and Byrne, Spectrophotometric seawater pH measurements: total 
hydrogen ion concentration scale concentration scale calibration 
of m-cresol purple and at-sea results. Deep-sea Research I, Vol. 40, 10, 
2115-2129, 1993. 

# Lherminier, P., H. Mercier, T. Huck, C. Gourcuff, F. F. Perez, P. Morin, 
A. Sarafanov, 2010: The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 
and the subpolar gyre observed at the A25-OVIDE section in June 2002 
and 2004. Deep Sea Res. I, 57, 11, 1374-1391,doi:10.1016/j.dsr.2010.07.009. 

# Perez, F., M. Alvarez, M. Castano and A.F. Rios, Mesures de pH et 
d'alcalinite lows de la Campagne Ovide 2004, Final Sci. Rpt, Instituto
 de Investigaciones Marinas, (CSIC) C/ Eduardo Cabello, No 6, 36208 VIGO, 76pp. 

# Perez, F.F., M. Vazquez-Rodriguez, E. Louarn, X.A. Padin, H. Mercier 
and A.F. Rios, Temporal variability of the anthropogenic CO2 
storage in the Irminger Sea, Biogeosci, 4, 1-11, 2008. 

# Garcia-Ibanez, Maribel I., Paula C. Pardo, Lidia I. Carracedo, Herle
Mercier, Pascale Lherminier, Aida F. Rios, Fiz F Perez, 2015: Structure,
transports and transformations of the water masses in the Atlantic
Subpolar Gyre. Progress in Oceanography, 135, 18-36,

# Garcia-Ibanez, M. I., Zunino, P., Frob, F., Carracedo, L. I., Rios, A.
F., Mercier, H., Olsen, A., and Perez, F. F., 2016: Ocean acidification
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# Marcos Fontela, Maribel I. Garcia-Ibanez, Dennis A. Hansell, Herle
Mercier, Fiz F. Perez, 2016: Dissolved Organic Carbon in the North
Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. Sci. Rep. 6, 26931; doi:

# Zunino, P., P. Lherminier, H. Mercier, X. A. Padin, A. F. Rios, and F.
F. Perez (2015), Dissolved inorganic carbon budgets in the eastern
subpolar North Atlantic in the 2000s from in situ data, Geophys. Res.
Lett., 42, 9853-9861, doi:10.1002/2015GL066243.