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Please cite this data set as:

Hoppema, M., R. Bellerby, and E. Fahrbach. 1998. Polarstern 06AQ19980328 (06AQANTXV_4, WOCE SR04e) cruise 
data from the 1998 cruises, CARINA Data Set. 
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department of 
Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CARINA_06AQ19980328

# 10/07/04 Initialized README file																		
# All data from CCHDO 5/6/08 (final version)												
# Ship: Polarstern  															
# Cruise: ANT XV/4; WOCE SR04e 06AQANTXV_4 																
# Region: Weddell Sea	 Punta Arenas to Capetown 																		
# EXPOCODE: 06AQ19980328 																		
# Dates: 3/28/1998 - 5/21/1998 																		
# Ch. Sci.: Eberhard Fahrbach 																	
# 132 stations with 24 place rosette																		
# Hydro: Who - Fahrbach; Status - final 																			
# 	Notes:															
# O2: Who - Fahrbach, Bakker; Status - final																	
# 	Notes: Oxygen precision 0.5umol/kg.																
# Nutrients: Who - K.Bakker, M.Hoppema; Status - final																	
# 	Notes: Oxygen precision 0.5umol/kg. Nitrate+nitrate precision 0.07umol/kg																
# 	Revised nutrients with multi-year calibration from S.van Heuven 1/26/15 complete replacement of existing 
# 	See Hoppema et al. 2015																		
# TCO2: Who - M. Hoppema; Status - final 																		
# 	Notes: Coulometers from NIOZ (Texel)" Robinson and Williams design 																	
# 	CRM results: 21 replicates with precision of 1.5umol/kg. Data corrected to CRM See Hoppema 2004	
# fCO2: Who - f; Status - underway only													
# CFC: Who - Roether; Status - final 																		
# 	Notes: See Heeschen et. al 2004. Included CFC-11, 12, 113 and CCl4 																	
# H-3/He-3: Who - Roether; Status - final 																			
# 	Notes: includes He-4 and Neon																		
# Other: Methane (See Hoppema, 2004)																	
# References: 
# Heeschen, K.U., R.S. Kier, G. Rehder, O. Klatt and E. Suess. Methane dynamics in the Weddell Sea determined 
via stable isotope ratios and CFC-11. GBC 18 GB2012. doi:10.1029/2003GB002151. 2004
# Hoppema, M. Weddell Sea is a globally siignificant coontributor to deep-sea sequestration of natural carbon 
dioxide. Deep Sea Res. I:51, 1169-1177. 2004				
# Hoppema, M., H.J.W. de Baar, R.G.J. Bellerby, E. Fahrbach and K. Bakker. Annual export production in the 
interior Weddell Gyre estimated from a chemical mass balance of nutrients. Deep-Sea Res. II 49. 1675-1689. 2002	
# Hoppema, Mario, Karel Bakker, Steven M.A.C. van Heuven, Jan C. van Ooijen and Hein J.W. de Baar. 2015. Long-term (1996-2011) accurate 
nutrients along a repeat section through the Weddell Sea: distributions trends and inter-annual variability. To be submitted to Marine Chemistry