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Please cite this data set as:

Stoll, M., J. Rommets, H. De Baar, D. Bakker and V. Smetacek. 1992. Polarstern 06AQ19920929 (06ANTX_6) cruise 
data during the 1992 cruises, CARINA Data Set. 
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, 
Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CARINA_06AQ19920929

# Data received from:12/04/07 PANGEA via B. Pfeil, but see Smetack et al. 1997 
# 	for full data 
# Received bottle files from Ronald de Koster; replaced all existing. 
# Ship: Polarstern 
# Dates: 9/29-11/30/92 
# Cruise: ANTX_6, German SO-JGOFS 
# Region: Meridional sections on 6W from 60 - 45S 
# EXPOCODE: 06AQ19920929 
# Chief Scientist: V. Smetacek 
# 118 stations mostly in upper water column 
# 	Multiple bottles routinely tripped at same depth 
# Hydro: Who - R. Manuels;S.Ober; Status - final 
# 	Notes: 	Sea-Bird SBE 9 
# 	See Bathmann et al. 1994; Smetacek et al. 1997 
# Nuts: Who - K. Bakker/P. Fritsche; Status - final 
# 	Notes: Ammonium values by J. Poncin 
# 	See De Baar et al., 1997. 
# O2: Who - R. Manuels; Status - final 
# 	Significantly more scatter than normal. 
# 	CTD oxygen of no value due to insufficient precision 
# TCO2: Who - M. Stoll; Status - final 
# 	Notes: Coulometry. ,method of Johnson et al. 1987. 
# 	CRM used; Precision of 1.5umol/kg 
# TA: Who - J. Rommets; Status - final 
# 	Notes: closed cell titration, Goyet&Poisson (1989) Constants 
# 		accuracy of 1umol/kg, method of Bradshaw and Brewer, 1988. 
# 	See Bakker et al., 1997 
# 	Bradshaw, A.L. and P.G. Brewer (1988) Marine Chemistry, 34, 155-162.  
# 	Goyet, C. and A. Poisson (1989) Deep-Sea Research, 36(11), 1635-1654. 
# pCO2: Who - D. Bakker; Status - no data  
# 	Notes: discrete samples taken at some stations as carbon 
# 		system check 
# 	See Bakker et al., 1997. 
# Other: 
# Chlorophyl a, U. Bathmann; See the CD noted in Smatacek et al., 1997 for additional data. 
# Fluorescence, S. Ober, ctd data. 
# DOC/DON, A. Antia/P. Kahler. 
# POC/PON, U. Bathmann. 
# References: 
# Bathmann, U. V. Smetacek, Baar, E. Rahrbach, G. Krause,  The Expeditions ANTARKTIS X/6-8 of the Research Vessel Polarstern 
in 1992/93, Ber. Polarforsch. 135, ISSN 0176-5027, 244pp, 1994. 

# Bakker, D.C.E. H.J.W. De Baar and U.V. Bathmann, Changes of carbon dioxide in surface waters during spring in the Southern Ocean, 
Deep-Sea Research II, 44(1-2), 91-128, 1997. 

# De Baar, H.J.W., M.A. Van Leeuwe, R. Scharek, L. Goeyens and P. Fritsche, Nutrient anomalies in Fragilariopsis kerguelensis 
blooms, iron deficiency and the nitrate/phosphate ratio (A.C. Redfield) of the Antarctic Ocean, Deep-Sea Research II, 44(1-2), 229-260, 1997. 

# Johnson K.M., P.J. LeB. Williams, L. Brandstrom and J. McN Sieburth, Coulometric total carbon dioxide analysis for marine studies: 
Automatization and calibration. Mar. Chem., 21, 117-133, 1987. 

# Smetacek, V., H. de Baar, U. Bathmann, K. Lochte, M. Rutgers van der Loeff, Ecology and biogeochemistry of the Antarctic circumpolar 
current during austral spring: Southern Ocean JGOFS Cruise ANT X/6 of R.V. Polarstern, Deep-Sea Research II, including CD-ROM, 44(1-2), 519 pp, 1997.