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Please cite this data set as:

Jones, P., N. Oakey. 2007. Hudson 18HU19930405 cruise data from the 1993 cruises, 
CARINA Data Set. 
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 
US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.CARINA_18HU19930405

# 5/20/05 Initialized README file  
# Data from CCHDO 11/24/08, then extra QC 
# Ship: Hudson 
# Cruise; 18HU92053, WOCE AR10 
# Cruise dates: 4/5 - 5/14/1993 
# EXPOCODE: 18HU19930405 
# Region: Canary Isl.; Halifax to Las Palmas 
# Chief Scientist: N. Oakey 
# 59 stations with 24 place Rosette 
# Hydro: Who - E. Horne; Status - final 
# 	Notes: 	Bottom depth from global topography 
# Nuts/O2: Who - P. Jones; Status - final 
# 	Notes: Nitrate actually NO3+NO2 
# TCO2: Who - P.Jones; Status - final 
# 	Notes: CRM??, coulometric, precision?? 
# 	Data too sparce for proper primary QC 
# 	This cruise only has TCO2 in the upper 300m. Those values are  
# 		~25umol/kg higher than the GLODAP results from stations 
# 		which fell in the convex hull defined by the HU9304 TCO2 
# 		stations. The matchup is ok for the southern blob of Hudson 
# 		stations, but not very good for the NW-SE Hudson section.