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Please cite this data set as:

Bakker, D.C.E., Y. Bozec, P.D. Nightingale, L.E. Goldson, M.J. Messias, H.J.W. de Baar, 
M.I. Liddicoat, I. Skelvan, V. Strass, and A.J. Watson. 2005. Iron and mixing affect biological 
carbon uptake in SOIREE and EisenEx, two Southern Ocean iron fertilisation experiments, during 
the 2000 cruises. Carbon Dioxide Information 
Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 
doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.VOS_ANT18_1_2_2000

1) 	Year (UTC)
2) 	Month (UTC)
3) 	Day (UTC)
4) 	Hour (UTC), corrected for 4 min delay
5) 	Min, corrected for 4 min delay
6) 	Sec
7) 	Julian days in 2000 (leap-year).
8) 	Latitude (decimal) Trimble 2 GPS, PODAS (no lagrangian correction)
9) 	Longitude (decimal) Trimble 2 GPS, PODAS (no lagrangian correction)
10) 	xCO2 in dry sample (umol/mol or ppm) at the measurement temperature (NO correction for warming)
11) 	pCO2 (in water or air) (µatm) (at sea surface temperature)
12) 	fCO2 (in water of air) (µatm) (at sea surface temperature)
13) 	fCO2 corrected to 20°C (µatm)
14) 	Equilibrator temperature (°C)
15) 	Sea surface salinity (Keel salinometer PODAS)
16) 	Sea surface temperature (°C) (Keel sensor PODAS)
17) 	Wind speed (m/s) (PODAS)
18) 	Atmospheric pressure (mbar) (PODAS)
19) 	Concentration of dissolved CO2, [CO2T] (umol/kg seawater) for water or air
20) 	fCO2 corrected to 25°C (µatm)
21)	xCO2 in dry sample (umol/mol or ppm) at sea surface temperature