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Please cite this data set as:

Scourse, J.D., Wanamaker A.D. Jr., Weidman, C., Heinemeier, J., Reimer, P.J., Butler, P.G., Witbaard, R., and Richardson, C.A., (2012) 
The marine radiocarbon bomb-pulse across the temperate North Atlantic: a compilation of Δ14C time histories from Arctica islandica growth 
increments, Radiocarbon, 54(2). DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.v54i2.16026

Data file Arctica_bomb_pulse_14C.xls column definitions:

Laboratory code: each radiocarbon lab has code identifier (e.g. AAR = 
Aarhus, Denmark) followed by the specific number allocated to each sample 
in the relevant lab

Sample ID: identification number given to each individual bivalve shell by 
the collecting lab

Depth: water depth in metres

Year (AD): age of increment analysed for 14C based on crossdating or 
increment counting

Delta 14C: the deviation of a sample 14C/12C ratio from its preindustrial
level expressed in per mil (parts per thousand) [see Introduction of paper]

Error: analytical uncertainty in years

pMC: percent modern carbon. The equation for this is given on p.170 of the 

Error: analytical uncertainty in pMC

delta 13C: this is the conventional ratio between 12C and 13C in the sample 
compared to the same ratio in a standard used as a correction for the 14C data

Error: analytical uncertainty in delta 13C

Sample integration: number of annual increments integrated to generate the 
14C measurement

Delta R: determined by comparing the measured 14C age with the 14C value of 
the Marine09 calibration curve or modeled marine bomb pulse (Reimer et
al. 2009) for the increment year concerned (cf. Wanamaker et al. 2008, 
2012; Butler et al. 2012). [see paper p. 170]

Reference: the source citation for the data (included in the reference list 
in the paper).