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Long-Term Daily and Monthly Climate Records from
Stations Across the Contiguous United States
Daily Data (NDP-070)  

Daily data include observations of maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation amount, snowfall amount, and snow depth from 1062 stations. Data records extend through 2005 and are essentially complete for at least 50 years; the latest beginning year of record is 1948. Daily records from 158 stations begin prior to 1900.

Through this USHCN website, CDIAC and NCDC are now making USHCN daily data available to users through a convenient and powerful online interface. While these data have been available through the Internet for several years, users typically had to download rather large files that contained all data variables for all stations within a particular state for the entire period of record. While obtaining the data in this manner is still possible, we have added the ability to download data for individual variables, from individual stations, for whatever time period the user desires, through a graphical user interface. Not only can data be downloaded and saved, but users may also plot data from individual stations in a number of ways, yielding insight into the station's record, and thereby helping to determine the suitability of a station's data for particular applications.

In an effort to make USHCN daily data more flexible for use in a wider array of applications (e.g., modeling), they are now also available as netCDF (network Common Data Form) files.

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