20. Verification of Data Transport: ARC/INFO Export Files

The five ARC/INFO export files were created in ARC/INFO, Version 7.0.3, using the EXPORT command with the COVER and NONE options. Each export file contains an entire coverage and its associated INFO data files in a fixed-length, uncompressed format.

The exported coverages are in a GEOGRAPHIC projection, which is a spherical reference system that locates positions using latitude and longitude coordinates that are stored in decimal degrees. As a result of this, the reference grids in which the data are stored are not uniform in size or area.

After loading the ARC/INFO export files onto a system, the user should verify that the files have been correctly transported. To verify the integrity of the files, the size of the export files and (after importing the data into ARC/INFO) the total number of INFO data records in each coverage should be compared with those presented in Table 19. If the file sizes differ from those presented by > 1 byte or the number of INFO data records do not match those shown in Table 19, then the coverage may have been corrupted in transport. The ARC/INFO .E00 files may be imported into the user's ARC/INFO system using the IMPORT command with the COVER option. The IMPORT command will automatically recognize that the export file is in an uncompressed format (files should be EXTERNALIZED after being imported [e.g., ARC> external WCGRID]).

Table 19. File size and number of attribute records in each ARC/INFO export file.

Export file
Tape file
File size
coverage type
Number of

WCGRID.E004 2,923,400Polygon2,721