12. How to Obtain the Data Package

This document describes the contents of a coastal hazards data base intended for use by vector or raster GISs or non-GIS data base systems. The computerized data are available on Exabyte 8-mm tapes, QIC quarter-inch tape cartridges, or floppy diskettes. These data are also available via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and the World Wide Web at http://cdiac.ess-dive.lbl.gov. Requests for this data package should be addressed to:

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Post Office Box 2008
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6335, U.S.A.

The media and/or documentation can be ordered by telephone, fax or electronic mail using:

Telephone: (865) 574-0390 or (865) 574-3645; FAX: (865) 574-2232

The computerized data files may be acquired over the internet from CDIAC's Anonymous FTP service as follows: