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Selected Translated Abstracts of Chinese-Language Climate Change Publications

Contributed by

Ge Quansheng, Zhang Peiyuan, Liu Xiuping, Zhang Xueqing, Chen Yuan, Peng Guitang, and Zheng Jingyun
Institute of Geography
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China


Wei-Chyung Wang
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
State University of New York at Albany

Compiled by

Robert M. Cushman and Marvel D. Burtis
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center

This bibliography contains English-translated abstracts of important Chinese-language literature, from the years 1995-1998, concerning global climate change. This body of literature includes the topics of adaptation, ancient climate change, climate variation, the East Asia monsoon, historical climate change, impacts, modeling, and radiation and trace-gas emissions. In addition to the bibliographic citations and abstracts translated into English, this report presents the original citations and abstracts in Chinese. Author and title indexes are included to assist the reader in locating abstracts of particular interest.

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