Organization and Staff

CDIAC staff in FY 1998

Phone no.
(area code 423)
Internet address
(, unless
stated otherwise)
Job title

Staff Office


Linda J. Allison

576-8449ljaNumeric data analyst

Thomas A. Boden

241-4842tabDirector, WDC-A for Atmospheric Trace Gases; Ecologist

Antoinette Brenkert


Marvel D. Burtis

241-4843um6Editorial assistant

Meng-Dawn Cheng

241-5918ucnNARSTO QSSC chief scientist

Sigurd Christensen

574-7394swcNARSTO data analyst

Robert M. Cushman

574-4791rmaDirector, CDIAC

Karen N. Gibson

241-4854gnkUser Services assistant

Dana C. Griffith


Forrest M. Hoffman

576-7680hofWorld Wide Web specialist

Susan Holladay

576-8356skhAmeriFlux data analyst

Les A. Hook

241-4846lahNARSTO QSSC Director

Sonja B. Jones

574-3645cdpTask leader, User Services

Dale P. Kaiser

241-4849d9kMeteorologist; task leader, Global Change Data

Alexander V. Kozyra


Gregg Marland

241-4850gumSenior scientist

Tommy R. Nelsonb

574-0769trnTask leader, Computer Systems

Frederick M. O'Harac

482-1447ffoTechnical Editor

James W. Simmonsd

574-1060s4iWorkstation specialist

aEnergy, Environment, and Resources Center, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
bComputational Physics and Engineering Division, ORNL
cJAYCOR, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
dComputing and Telecommunications Services, ORNL

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